Mick Jones has endorsed a few bands over the years, most of which I didn’t really take a liking to (libertines etc). But I feel this band, The Savage Nomads, are really delivering something new to guitar music. 

You know that father-son complex relationship? The pride? The punishments? The paternal influence that seeps through your soul and spews out your mouth?

Well so does Guilty Simpson.

Dilla’s beat is so hauntingly beautiful it makes me wanna cry. R.I.P

This is probably one of my favourite things of all time. Everything becomes still after I listen to this…

The weather turns cold, the skies are grey…let’s close are eyes and dream of better days…

Christ, I just saw on the news Solomon Burke has died. RIP

I’m genuinely cut up about this, saw him at Glastonbury a few years ago and was spellbound…


This kid’s got a wonderful slow drawl of a flow. It’s entrancing. There’s only 30 seconds of anything worthwhile amidst the HARD KNOCK TV MOTHERFUCKAAA, but boi is it worth it. 

Curren$y is a connoisseur amongst con artists in this rap game. Don’t wax lyrical about what you’ve never experienced but only seen on THE WIRE, fuck it man, rap about your high-grade, your wonderful view from your penthouse suite and your favourite Nacho dip with three different kinds of processed KRAFT cheese. Mmmmm.

If you’re gifted, we’ll get it. 

See the outstanding debut release from Curren$y: Pilot Talk for more…

Brian Eno

He’s back and with a new sound. He still retains his recognizable production and composition, with a 2010 feel. He’s always been a man in touch with the zeitgeist, and i’m sure he’ll retain this for years to come. Hints of the 90’s are reemerging everywhere, and listen to this till the end, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so: